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Release, Relax, Unwind


Using the 5 classic strokes, Swedish massage promotes relaxation, blood circulation and lymph flow. Great massage style to introduce touch and experience extreme relaxation. This technique will generate deep breathing. It is a highly recommended massage for better sleep & anxiety.

60 minutes $95 | 90 minutes $125

A therapeutic approach that uses medium pressure on body, mind and spirit. Chronic conditions , stress, and tension areas are addressed using a variety of physical and energetic techniques that leaves you feeling loose, flowing and rejuvenated.

60 minutes $105 | 90 minutes $155

Feel your mind and body restored as compressed nerves and muscles are carefully massaged, resulting in increased circulation and normal neuromuscular balance. Highly recommended for athletes who want to increase their performance.

*Trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, PNF.

It is used to help you relax and ease tense muscles throughout the body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat and round heated stones are placed on specific parts; melting the stubborn layers of tissue below with no effort.

60 minutes $105
60 minutes $105 | 120 minutes $185

 Using up to 7 different non-invasive techniques, this treatment safely helps in the removal of stubborn fat deposits from the body. It contour, shapes, lifts, tighten your desired area. ONE area per treatment like the stomach, chin, legs, arms, and butt may be chosen. Recommended sessions 8-10.  Want to find out more? Call for a complimentary consultation

Single Session: $100
(Packages available)

A non invasive procedure that works with the newest hifem technology for muscle building while burning fat. Great for diastasic recti, athletes, pain relief and strength. Equivalent to 30,000 crunches and or squats depending on the placement. 30 minutes. Call for complimentary consultation

Single Session: $140
(Packages available)


THAI HERBAL POULTICE: With over 20 plus natural herbs, this deep heat muscle treatment absorbs the heat & benefits to help ease muscle aches, alleviate stiff joints, detoxify & release stagnant energy in the body. $25

AROMATHERAPY: A holistic treatment that uses natural plant extracts of your choice to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. From relaxing to uplifting aromas, choose one or a variety of them to make a more customized blend. $10

SCALP & FACEFocused massage on the scalp and face can impact your entire nervous system. Complimentary use of face roller by request only. $20

REFLEXOLOGY: A targeted pressure-point massage to restore flow of energy throughout the body. The treatment usually focuses on the feet, but it can also include the hands and ears. Acupressure tool is used for detailed work if needed. $25

CBD OIL: Using a 700 mg potency CBD oil that acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory and has been known to reduce pain and inflammation when used topically. $30



Welcome, I’m a certified massage therapist with a detailed-focus on providing the safest place to unwind. Coming from a background of energy and healing, I’m predisposed to listen attentively and bring comfort. It wasn’t until 2016, that I followed my intuition and once and for all felt fulfilled.

My training consists of an overview of most modalities, feel free to reach me on all avenues listed below. I pride my love for continuing education to become closer in different aspects of myself and others.

Each training reaffirms the principle that I strive on which is to approach bodywork in all levels. 

For further information, feel free to reach me from any avenue and I will be more than happy to go into detail for your specific needs.

"And within layers, there is still you"

- Gia



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